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Mamaearth Plant-Based Diaper Pants for Babies – 9-14 kg (Size L - 30 Diapers)

NPR 1599
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Brand : Mamaearth
No. of Diaper : 30pcs
Size : L
Suitable for Babies weighing 9-14 kilograms
Key Ingredients : 
Corn Starch
                            : Aloe Vera


  • Biodegradable
  • Plant-Based Diaper
  • 2x Absorption
  • 12 Hours Leak Protection


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Mamaearth Plant-Based Diaper Pants for Babies. Unbelievably soft, stretchy, and made of breathable corn starch material, it's free of latex, lotion, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching. Perfect for sweet naps and carefree travels, It absorb 2 times better than any regular diaper and also offer 12 hours of leakage protection to keep your itty bitty baby comfortable. It's plant-based material ensures that it is gentle and biodegradable, make great for your baby and the environment.


Plant-Based Diaper;

Made of corn starch, the diapers don’t contain latex, fragrance, chlorine & petroleum-based lotions. Mamaearth Plant-Based Diaper Pants are gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin and the earth!

2x Absorption;

Super-absorbent! The multi-layer design absorbs twice as much as a regular diaper. It provides ultimate comfort by locking away moisture quickly.

12 Hours Leak Protection;

Mamaearth Plant-Based Diaper Pants come with 12 hours of advanced leak protection to keep the baby dry, comfy, and happy on life’s daily adventures!

Key Ingredients;

  • Corn Starch : Made from nature, it is most suitable for babies as it does not irritate the baby’s delicate skin even after absorbing a lot of fluid. It is light as air and breathable. It is also biodegradable, making it great for the environment.

  • Aloe Vera : Conditions, hydrates, and soothes your baby’s gentle skin. It also helps in preventing diaper rash.

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