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32 GB USB 3.0 Pendrive

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Brand : Toshiba
Capacity : 32 GB
Interface Type : USB 3.0
Material : Plastic
High speed pendrive USB 3.0
Light weight and Compact (9G)
100% original
Write speed up to 30 MB/s & Read Speed up to 70 MB/s




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The Toshiba TransMemory USB 3.0 flash drive is built for mainstream consumers looking for an affordable solidly built portable drive with reasonable transfer speeds. This Toshiba USB drive is their smallest USB offering and is not positioned as a performance drive but rather as a progressively faster drive than those based on USB 2.0 — Toshiba quotes speeds at 70MB/s read and 10MB/s write. The body of the Toshiba TransMemory USB is an all plastic and is has a nice sturdy build to it. There was also no flex to the device when we put pressure on it. Unfortunately, the Toshiba USB drive has a cap and there is no place to attach it to on the drive once the cap is removed. At this price point we would have preferred that it use a retractable connector, or at least offer a place to store the cap when the drive is in use so it’s not lost. Once the transparent cap has been removed, it reveals the USB 3.0 connector with the classic blue color, distinguishing it from the standard 2.0 USB devices. Toshiba’s TransMemory flash drive weighs in at just 0.26oz, making it an extremely light USB flash drive. It measures 0.69 inches thick, 2.56 inches long, and 0.36 inches in height.On the front side is Toshiba’s company logo as well as the capacity of the USB drive in light grey; this contrasts nicely to the black enclosure. Located at the rear-end is a small hook for a lanyard or for attachment onto a key ring. It is worth noting that the hook is built into the case enclosure, making it sturdier than some other designs that attach a lanyard hook to the enclosure. A modest design element for sure, but for those who will put the drive on a key ring or some such, the benefit is important.

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