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100% Cotton Hooded Towel

NPR 1010

When you cradle your baby in your arms after bath time it’s going to feel like you have the most precious plushy while your baby will feel dry, comfortable and warm. This wrap-around towel is suitable for babies and toddlers and makes a great baby shower gift. Machine washable, Easy dry, soft and snuggly, Perfect for 0 -1 years.

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Penguin Hooded Towel With 3d A

NPR 1180

Penguin Hooded Towel with 3D Animal HoodWhen you cradle your baby in your arms after bath time it’s going to feel like you have the most precious plushy while your baby will feel dry, comfortable and warm.This 75 by 75 cm wrap around towel is suitable for babies and toddlers and has an animal face hood with 3D Ears that is so adorable. Your little one will look forward to cuddling in with this towel.

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Farlin Nipple For Wide Neck Si

NPR 670
NPR 730

Made of ultra-soft silicone, these teats are specially designed to mimic the natural form of a mother’s nipple for the comfort of your baby. Extremely soft and elastic to make your baby feel at ease and secure. The Air Valve System built within can also reduce air flowing into baby’s stomach and prevent colic

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Farlin Nipple Shield (bf-631/b

NPR 250
NPR 390

The Farlin Nipple Shield is specially designed for the nursing mother whose nipples are sore or irritated. It is made up of Silicone which make it easier to feed your baby. The naturally shaped silicone teat allows your baby to control milk flow as it would when breastfeeding. This allows your baby to suckle almost as at the breast.

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Princess & Little Puppet Roman

NPR 1440
NPR 1600

Gulu Gulu Set

Ergonomic lid to protect spout and straw. Suitable for any occasion. The concept behind the GULU GULU training mug is as loveable as the resulting product. Drinking water or milk should never be a hassle, With this drink mug. You don't have to worry. No more handling unnecessary extra extension ring or even extra washing.


Chu Chu pacifier

The Stretchy Pacifier is made of high quality BPA-free material that is safe for your baby to use. The nipple of the pacifier is soft and elastic. The shape of the pacifier also makes holding it in the mouth effortless. Ensure that you clean the pacifier regularly so that saliva does not build up. It is luminous, makes it easy to identify the location of the product in the dark.Transparent one-piece design is safe & easy-to clean.

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Maozhe Baby Swing Chair Baby R

NPR 3950
NPR 4200

Comfortable fabric; Cozy fabrics with a deep seat design.bouncer’s seat non-skid feet and three-point restraint harness an added bonus for mums.

Comfortable & secure; This sleek-looking bouncer's seat is soft and comfortable, with calming vibrations to help soothe baby, playing or resting, mums can rest assured.

Easy to store; You can transport or store this seat with ease. It easily folds up, so you can move it from room to room or stash it out of the way.

Security & Happiness; The bouncer’s seat surrounds baby, the comfy and calming vibrations give baby a sense of security and happiness – almost like he’s cradled in your arms!

More peace of mind; This reclining rocker allows your baby to play independently and to naturally fall asleep without waking them up which delivers peace and calmness to both baby and parents.

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