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Electric Heating Water Faucet

NPR 2750
NPR 3000

Instant Heating Electric Tap also known as demand-type water heaters. Compared to a storage water heater, it saves up to 22% to 30% of electric energy and cost. The device is unified as a 2000W - 3000W consumer, which it uses to heat the water. it takes 8-15 seconds to give the desired output. You get to select the range of temperature which ranges from about 30 degrees to 60 degrees. The system is easy to install and has a long productive life since it has lower operation time. There are two type of display(optional),one is blue light when water heating, the other is built-in high sensitivity sensor probe,which can be real-time detection of temperature, the display will real-time display the current temperature.

Please Note : When you receieve the water heater, please do not test it in your hands, you need install it well and then test, or it will be dangerous; The machine can not be immersed in water or submerged; The machine can not be installed tilt; The entering water pipe installation of this machine is from the side or rear; Please operate it according to the instruction

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