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Sansui 80 Watts Stick Type Re

NPR 6240
NPR 6500

Sansui Rechargeable Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (SS-VC22M15) is  Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner; and has a  power consumption 18V, 2200mA. Its Suction Power is 80W. It is a Single Cyclone System and has a Motorized Brush. Dust Bag Capacity is 0.3 L.

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Sansui 1600 Watts Bag Type Vac

NPR 5940
NPR 6100

Small Compact Size;

The lil blue vaccum is small and light. The canister's wheel makes this vaccum extremely mobile and easy to use.

Adjustable 3 speed motor;

An adjustable 3 speed motor allow the vaccum to clean a variety of different surfaces. Transition between cleaning hard and soft surfaces with ease.

Mobile cleaning;

The 6" hose and the 22"-36" telescopic  extension wand allows you to clean the hard to reach areas.

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Sansui 600 Watts Stick Type V

NPR 1980
NPR 2100

Sansui SS-VC06M86 vaccum cleaner is available in Black with Red color. It is handstick type vaccum cleaner. It has 600 W wattage power and has a 100W of suction power. The capacity of Dust Bag is 0.8 L. It is available in compact design.

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Samsung 1800W (VC18M31A0HP/GT)

NPR 14715
NPR 15490

Enjoy simple maintenance with the Anti-tangle Turbine, which prevents dust, dirt and hair from getting tangled around it. The Easy Dustbin can also be easily detached and hygienically emptied at the push of a button.

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Samsung Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

NPR 13764
NPR 14489


Easily dispose of dirt and debris — even big tangled messes of hair or tissue — with the easy-to-empty dustbin. Simply remove the dustbin, pop off the lid and pour the content into the garbage. No fuss, no mess. Contrast that to vacuum cleaner bags, which can emit clouds of dust or spill debris after being detached from the device.



Experience enhanced cleaning power thanks to Samsung’s Twin Chamber System™. Cyclonic air generated in the inner chamber forces dander, debris and nearly all fine dust particles into the outer chamber and away from the filter. This helps prevent clogging and ensures long-lasting suction power for a cleaner home.



Do away with dirt, pet hair — and dust bags. Traditional vacuum cleaners don’t trap dust as well as bagless models, and their bags may have to be replaced before they’re even half-full. That isn’t efficient or economical. With a bagless cleaner, you can stop searching for — and spending money on — the right type of bags in the store or online. After all, your vacuum cleaner should be cleaning up your floors, not cleaning out your wallet.


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Samsung Canister with Cyclone

NPR 13765
NPR 14490

More Consistent;

Anti-Tangle Turbine;

The Anti-Tangle Turbine provides more consistent suction* that won’t get clogged-up by hairs, so it maintains the optimum suction for a long time.*Based on internal testing. Tested at the turbine fan using a mix of hair and pet hair on floor. Compared with conventional Samsung VC21F50VNAR/EV.


No More Hassle;

Simple Maintenance;

Enjoy simple maintenance with the Anti-tangle Turbine, which prevents dust, dirt and hair from getting tangled around it. The Easy Dustbin can also be easily detached and hygienically emptied at the push of a button.


Easily Detachable

Step. 1 : Simply pull the dustbin from the body

Step. 2 : Open the lid

Step. 3 : Tip the contents into the trash can and then effortlessly slide it back – all without having to touch the lid or put your hands inside


Easy to Move and Use;

Compact Design;

A compact design helps you quickly clean throughoutthe house with less effort. The Samsung VC2100 is 22% more compact in size*, so it’s easy to drag and move around your home.


Hold it Comfortably;

Easy Grip Handle;

An ergonomic, non-slip Easy Grip Handle* gives a firmer and more comfortable grip. You can easily control its movement without your hands becoming tired or dropping it. And it rotates, so the hose won’t get tangled.

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Samsung 1600 Watt Canister Bag

NPR 9015
NPR 9490

Easy Dust Blowing Function;

The “Easy Dust Blowing” function enables easy removal of dust and debris from hard to reach places.


Built in accessory storage and Simple touch button;

Built-in accessory (Dusting brush + Crevice) enable easy access & storage, without the worry of loss. Designed for the maximum convenience. Just Turn on the power and try controlling power level.


2-Way parking for;

2-Way parking system enables user to attach the pipe onto the set during & after vacuuming for easy cleaning and storage.


Easy Control (SC4100);

On/off and variable power control at one position

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Sansui 1800W Vacuum Cleaner (S

NPR 6706
NPR 7620

Sansui Vacuum Cleaner SS-VC18M11 is a bagless vaccum made with telescope metal tube with bigger body which consume 180W power .It ensure the cleanest exhaust when you vacuum.

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