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Samsung 486 Ltr French Door Re

NPR 279990
NPR 279990

The Samsung RF50K5910DP refrigerator is the ideal way to keep your food fresh. It features a huge 594 Liter capacity which allows you to store all your food and groceries conveniently. It comes in a gorgeous Refined Bronze color. You can choose from 4 types of temperature settings fridge, chilled, dry food and frozen. A Triple Cooling System independently controls and optimizes the temperature, maximizes humidity and prevents odor mixing in 3 compartments. To keep food fresh for longer Precise Chef Cooling technology minimizes any temperature fluctuation to within just ±0.5°C* by frequently sensing changes and then precisely controlling the operation of the compressor. Based on internal testing. Compared to Samsung conventional models with a 3°C variation. The CoolSelect Plus zone offers the ultimate in food storage flexibility, so everything stays fresher. With one touch the compartment can be easily converted from fridge to freezer using four temperature settings. The Fresh Zone is smartly designed drawer that provides the ideal environment for preserving meat and fish – keeping them at the optimum temperature so they stay fresh and have the best possible flavor. A premium T-type design lets you conveniently utilize every corner and store much larger items, as it’s much more easier to put in, organize and find things. Its modern design also looks fashionably cool and chic. A large 500 liter capacity provides enough space in the fridge and freezer to store many more items and ensure they are well organized. And its 4 doors open out wide so you can quickly see everything at a glance.

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