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IFB 5.5 kg Dryer (Turbo Dryer)


6 Drying Programs;

You get to choose from 6 different drying programs with this clothes dryer. Depending upon the type of fabric and how wet your clothes are you can select the best-suited drying option. These drying programmes set the right heat intensity and drying time at the turn of the dial.

Anti-Crease Drying Cycle;

Get dry, ready-to-wear clothes straight out of the dryer. Maxi Dry 550's gentle clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation action, along with a stream of gentle hot and cool air results in crease-free drying so you don't have to line dry your clothes anymore.

Higher Drum Volume;

With a 5.5 kg capacity, the dryer allows you to dry moderate volumes of clothes at once.

Hygienic Drying

Drying clothes in the open exposes them to dust, pollution and germs. Moreover, wet clothes allow for harmful pathogens to thrive, emitting an unpleasant, mouldy odor, especially in the monsoon. The IFB Maxi Dry 550 efficiently dries your clothes, ensuring you get fresh-smelling, soft and dry clothes every time.

Care for Colours;

With Maxi Dry 550, you don't have worry about your clothes losing their sheen and color. The sun's ultraviolet radiations fade fabric colours that make your T-shirts look discolored and dull. This dryer retains the colours of your clothes, keeping them as good as new for longer.

Fragrant Clothes;

The IFB Maxi dry comes with a Refresh Cycle feature that helps you get rid of the stale, musty odor from your woollens and blankets.

Allergy Free;

Maxi Dryer 550 effectively removes lint, hair and other allergens from your clothes while drying. This gives you fresh, lint-free clothes that help prevent skin allergies.

Allergen Free

You can easily mount this dryer on the wall or even upside down on your washer. This helps you save space in your home.

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